Our Services

Services of a typical facilitea engagement are illustrated in chronological order. Specific services may however require an individual solution. You can inform yourself at about how facilitea can support the rental process in your particular case. We reply asap.
  • Registration

    After email verification you will be prompted to leave your contact information. Your registration will only take a few minutes.

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  • Contact

    less than one working day later

    We will immediately try and reach out to you on your preferred means of communication (call or email). You can use our conversation to receive further information on our services and schedule an appointment.

  • Photoshooting

    At the arranged tea time, we will shoot pictures and take information for your home's online presentation.

  • ยง


    We examine the legal situation in your city. If necessary, we prepare and fully support your request for short-term rental to hand in at your local authority.

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  • Online advertisement

    When we write your home's online presentation, we try to present it in a distinctive way and highlight its unique features (e.g. art, picture windows, kitchen islands, parking). Our local colleagues then set the price in consideration of our own algorithm and the contemporary market situation in the respective night. Our price setting is reviewed frequently.

  • Guest review

    We carefully evaluate every applicant and we will not host guests in your home, that we would not want to accept in our own. That being said, our respective guest reviews take into account former host's experiences, written introductions and, last but not least, our own gut feeling.

  • Key handover

    On the day of your departure we need to receive your keys. We offer several handover solutions which we tailor to the specific circumstances. For example, we could set a meeting in person, you could throw the keys into our letterbox, or ask your neighbours to open your doors for us. If you request our services on a frequent basis for several short-term absences (e.g. as a commuter), we offer you to install a smart lock system with which you could easily just grant us access via smartphone application. In any case, we are confident that together we will find an individual solution for a smooth handover.

  • Communication

    facilitea handels all the communication between you and your guests. We are creating an online guestbook to keep you informed on the people who stay at your place. Respective information can be found in your user account.

  • Guest reception

    We provide all our guests with fresh bed linen, towels, and other bathroom amenities (e.g. tooth brushes and shampoo). They will receive regional information, recommendations and tips. Needless to say, their satisfaction is of great importance to us. We want them to be at home, at your home.

  • Cleaning

    After the checkout of your guest we clean the facility, linen and towels, empty bins and replace bathroom amenities.

  • Payday

    Your revenues will be wired to you immediately. Instant payment is particularly interesting for travelers that wish to boost their travel budget while on the go. If you worry you might loose track on your bank statement because of our many transactions, you can restrict the frequency of our transactions to once a month. In any case, our service fee is already deducted. That way you have no facilitea related obligations during your absence.

  • Repetition

    This procedure is repeated for the whole duration of your absence. If you are traveling, you may choose to use some of your revenue generated with facilitea to extend your travels. After logging into your account you have the option to extend your home's availability repeatedly online until you come back. This gives you great flexibility, as you know your home is taken care of.

  • Homecoming

    A sparkling clean home will be waiting for your return. If you do not have a spare key at hand, we will again find an individual solution for the key handover. Otherwise, we will leave the keys you gave to us inside your home.

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